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Patients Say...

At Matsunaga, Daly, Ross, Vogel and Klevens, we believe that our success as physicians is measured by the continued good health of our patients and by their comfort and ease with the care that we provide. Hearing what our patients think is perhaps they best way for you to determine whether we are the right practice to meet your needs....


A.M., Los Angeles. CA


It’s all thanks to you that we have our 3 beautiful boys. Thank you so much for your amazing work, your inspiration, support and tender loving care.


A.S., Santa Monica, CA


Thank you so much for helping us through our 1st pregnancy! With your guidance and care we made it through and have a beautiful little daughter who we love so much. I know we could not have had a better doctor than you…Thank you


B.K., Venice, CA


How could we ever say a thank you that was big enough? We will never forget!


L.L., Santa Monica, CA


I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. It is comforting to have someone so knowledgeable and professional caring for me and my body. I am sure you have a multitude of patients with a myriad of issues you take care of on a daily basis. I am so grateful to be under your care.


L.S., Las Vegas, NV


I wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for me and my family over the past 9 months. Not only did you deliver our beautiful baby girl but you gave us the confidence to have a VBAC and did everything possible to make sure our wishes were carried out. I’m so blessed to have found a doctor that listened and understood my concerns. Thank you for going against the grain and helping my body do what it should. You and your staff have been nothing but a joy to work with the entire pregnancy and we will miss you! Thank you for the positive upbeat attitude-you always made me feel calm and confident. You are truly a great doctor.


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