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Prenatal Testing for the Health of Your Baby


To monitor the health of your baby, we recommend various tests and screenings at different points in your pregnancy. The following schedule reflects when the screenings are given. Your doctor will discuss your specific needs and schedule with you.


  • Prenatal Panel
  • HIV Screening (Optional)
  • Genetic Screening

1012 WEEKS

  • Consider CVS Testing, If 35 Years Or Older

1520 WEEKS

  • Triplemarker, If 34 Years Or Younger
  • Consider Amniocentisis, If 35 Years Or Older

1822 WEEKS

  • Screening Ultrasound

2528 WEEKS

  • 1 Hour Post Glucola - CBC
  • Antibody Screen, If Rh Negative

2728 WEEKS

  • Rhogam Injection, If Rh Negative

3537 WEEKS

  • Group B Strep Culture

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